Training for new members is held each semester after the activities fair. Please stop by at the activities fair if you are interested in joining—members will be there to give you upcoming training dates, put you on our mailing list, and answer your questions in person.

In order to join you must attend a weekend of training. This usually takes place on both Saturday and Sunday from approximately 9–5. Training includes:

  • Internal training: to learn how the organization works
  • CPR (American Heart Association Healthcare Provider)
  • Practical skills sessions: to teach you the skills you need to get started and familiarize you with equipment

Prior experience with EMS is valued, and all members are encouraged to progress through the organization at their own pace. However, no matter what certifications you have, you MUST attend internal training and the practical skills sessions. It is important that you understand how the organization works and are familiar with equipment and medical procedures.

Email with questions regarding training for new members.

After training, you'll be ready to go on duty.